Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

2011: No distance Left to Run

As 2011 will be ended soon, I have this such an obligation to review shits happened in all years. I hate list but its probably easier to sum up things with list. But all I know is 2011 becomes the most effortless year ever in my life. Well, it's a tough year indeed, while it's also relief in a kind of way. From what I can remember, below find all notable things occurred in 2011:

1. Get out of the box, get out from that comfort zone

I resigned from the job, or I prefer to call it the daily life, which I loved and dedicated to it but found things cracked up by pointless drama. Though I made the decision and proposed my notice on the previous year, I started to quit officially in February. I love what I was doing there, I always be. Who can resist the young people revolutionary spirit and support them for real? I can't. That's why It hurt like a break-up stories.

2. I don't need job I've got my band

Yeah while I was quitting my occupation, I had already got the new one! hahaha Here is the funny thing, every stage of my life, starting from the junior high era, I always find great friends to create band, obviously with common sense of music and field of experience. The last time I'm on band was in my sophomore year in college. And oddly, though all personnels went to the same college, we found this band after we graduated. The coolest thing is I wrote on my 5 years plan when I was 17th, I said that I want to have a shoegaze-noise band. Yup, it's specific anyway hahaha, I even wrote the genre! And thanks god, I found these friends, 3 lovable and hilarious persons, and we officially had our first rehearsal in February. We ended up with 2 songs on our first moment and currently we already have almost 10 songs. We also got some gigs performing opportunities, which was fun and maybe embarrassing at the same time. I think this band made my 2011 :D

Listen Sunday Market District.

3. Post break-up: Slow down and Move to another city, a heavenly one

2011 seemed like purification year for me, it gave me time and room to slow down the pace, to think, and to let go all egos. I learned a lot about acceptance or we likely called it 'ikhlas' and I realized that life would be more cool and settle if I slow down the ambition. I seized this year with learning new things and meeting new friends. I decided to take an internship opportunity in an art archiving organization in Yogyakarta. I lived there for 3 months. To suggest, for all people who want to see life in a slow motion, take sometime to live in this city. I gained more knowledge on art in this place. I worked with some persons that I look up to, had new wonderful friends. And not to forget, I encountered with some unfortunate events in this phase. However, it's all the lessons that I've got to discover. Indeed, it's so fun living in Jogja and engaging with the cultures and thoughts of people there.

4. A good call and new shoes

I always love to change 'shoes' in terms of trying to put myself on a different perspective. During my last moment in Jogja, I've got a good news. An International NGO gave me opportunity to be a temporary staff. In my previous job and activities, I had already encountered with this organization. Long before they gave me a call, I had dream to be part of them but oddly I only want a short time trial. And the wish came true, I was part of them for nearly 3 months. As my-college-of-life-session went through, this opportunity provided so much lessons to study. It's definitely refined my capabilities and perspective, in terms of becoming so-called a development professional. By the end of the year, I was no longer worked for this organization. And I was so lucky for having this opportunity, working with great team, and taking the most enjoyable lunch in the office.

2011 told me some great lines. It said that I should feel okay to live on my way though it's unlike the other's. Why should I run if the distance was no longer necessary. If 2011 was about learning, 2012 will be about initiating and creating. Since it will not likely the end of the world but it is the end of the apathy…


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