Senin, 03 Maret 2008

Sadly, The Foremost Café in Town is Under Construction

For me, Caswell has been the most comfortable place for brewing finest coffee and serving cheesy macaroni. They deliver coffee as it is, not pretentious yet scrumptious. Next, how they baked the cheese on macaroni, so melted, so cheesy, so absolutely yummy. For those who loves being an English tea tasting, Caswell offer the best tea blend, from Darjeeling to Hawaiian tea. They may charge costly for the sandwich but for coffee, tea, and macaroni, they put below standard price (Rp 16.000 – Rp 22.500 for coffee and tea). Upss…..almost forget the stroopwaffle, it’s awesome, my favorite one.
Beside those finest beverages and food, Caswell has comfortable chair, atmosphere, and please visitors. Not like other café with annoying visitor and ordinary waiters. The last that I love the most is it’s really-fast-free-wifi,!!! This one is one of my reason for staying there every Saturday or Sunday night accompanied by my dimdim. Sadly, my favorite place is closed due to renovation . It’s ok anyway, as long as they’ll improve it’s condition. I will support it…..!


thefrolicacid mengatakan...

caswell dmana ya bok??
--anak sok gaul yg ternyata gak tau caswell dmana..

Anonim mengatakan...

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