Senin, 03 Maret 2008

What’s ur Favorite Band? Photo Shots

After awaken from my suddenly-weekend-sickness (wind enter and seems like almost typhus) I’ve got to back to my work. But I was quite spirited for taking pictures for my article sake. Went to Pasar Festival to meet Siti & Radit (both my models). And this photo session theme is “What’s ur Favorite band?” presenting band shirts. With my dimdim and his brother help, I can collect some of cool band shirts including mine too. Thanks alot dimdim for everything, my models for their time, arif (dimdim’s brother) for lent me the shirts, and rendy (siti’s boyfriend) for supporting this photo session. Anyway, though it’s a cloudy day, but the result.not quite bad….here it is…..


Syaldi mengatakan...

Hahaha... jadi ingat pas nelpon elo saat sedang tepat untuk tagih artikel ini. Well, I have to acknowledge your great picture!

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