Kamis, 24 April 2008

20 Days to 20 years old

Day 11-19

Day 11

Always hate to wake early in the morning. Became so common for coming late to Philosophy and Ethic Communication class. Hip hip hurray, there’re no lecture for second term, I spent my time waiting for rain with my friend Ciwil. It’s always funny to hear his blurbs and stories. Then, I went to Ogilvy Action office for doing ADOI interview. Today’s not really hard though numb feeling still tangled in my head.

Day 12

Nothing happens today. Everything’s in a right place, the schedule went so smoothly from global marketing class to Editorial brainstorming. I thought I was the laziest girl on earth today, really effortless and sleep all the day. I did many sophisticated conversation and finished my homework quickly.

Day 13

I really wish I could understand my seminar lecturer’s mind. He’s kinda in between outrageous or out of mind. It always wasted for being in his class. I put my sympathy but I think everybody in his class will agree to ignore him. Sorry anyway Mr. Ari. I know you are such a revolutionary one yet you never get out of “Habermas thing”. I always waited for Marxist discussion on the class and it never happen actually. He does so critical. Maybe my mind (and of course everybody in the class) just cannot fit into his. In opponent, I love today copywriting class anyway, my guest lecturer is a famous writer. She is Prima Rusdi, the one with short story that I always love. She taught us many great things and tips, not only for our carrier but also for my dreams. I wanna be like her always. She looks so in love in writing, so passionate about movie, so nationalist, and so critical. What a beautiful mind she has!

Day 14

Day went on like other Thursday, not in a hurry. After advertising class I had to go to ADOI office after a week before. I can’t stand on Jakarta’s road. The road never stops freak you out and never ending pain. I really don’t wanna live here, it’s not my place. Take me out then…

Day 15

We love Friday aren’t we? How couldn’t we love it? Only one class, tomorrow is gonna be Saturday and you’re having plenty of time to be wasted. Unfortunately, I have to attend guest lecture and it will take too far from Woman Journal foundation office. Imagine the distance, Ampera to tebet! Oh no, oh my (like Austin band) it’s true, I caught up on a fucking boring traffic (and it’s like hundreds one). Hectic, exhausted, I need a rest, really…

Day 16

We’re (me and my friends) longing to meet our seniors to share experiences and knowledge. I hate starbucks but had to come in because of the gathering or mentoring. Time went fast and I have to live, I have to go to Blitz with my dimdim. Yup! We’d like to watch another French movie. We’re participated in the festival as good audience who choose right movie. The movie named Les Deux Mondes or two worlds maybe in English. The movie had stunning story but the atmosphere was just not right this time. I didn’t like part in that movie, I hate break up lovers. It seemed so wrong and we’re all agreed, no one like that moment certainly.

Day 17

Sunday ? Felt the Futsal ambience while accompanied dimdim’s game. Since it will help my AXE futsal version campaign. Finally, I’ve found my Campaign’s tagline. “No Score without Goal, No Goal without Score” FYI it’s for AXE Score variant.

Today just waste great time with dimdim. I am reading an awesome book, ‘Eat, Pray, Love’. It’s just sooo…. Me! The author seems have many things in common with me. It’s a must to read! Elizabeth Gilbert went to Bali for writing this book, after some pages passed I’ve realized that I’m the lucky one for knowing God early. Believe me, it helps always.

Day 18

I hate Monday. Luckily, thanks to Dove Brand Manager, Mba Ika who’s so chic and pretty, for lending her hectic time to be interviewed. It’s for my research task sake and she’s so cooperated with any question. The lovely one came, She also offered walls Ice cream. Ummm….yummy!

I had to submit some articles for ADOI, It’s already deadline. No one love the dead line, we’re hopping live line.hahaha……

Day 19

This week is no attending-lecture week. I say off to college. I don’t want to go there. I want to use my chance for absent. Luckily, my lecturer didn’t present, he’s also absent. So today I was saved. Since several days ago I always think about something that I can’t describe, even to myself,what it’s all about. The more I searched the stability the closer myself into instability. The more I tried to erase the more it present. Leaving is just as impossible as staying. The more I wanted to complete it the more I lost it. Many questions flew inside my head, some might answered yet another never be. What becomes my soundtrack is a hopeless song, such as: only in dream-weezer, goodbye-asobi seksu, or against the tide –radio dept. I’m so thankful that I believe in God, I have a private conversation with confidential guarantee. I want to apologize to people surround me, I acted so weird, my mind rather skipped, and my emotion became so unpredictable. Ok then,I finish my day with weezer’s ….”If u want to destroy my sweater…. Oooo…”


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