Minggu, 06 April 2008

20 Days to 20 Years Old

Soon, only in 20 days later, I will officially passed my teenager era. Some might say that teenager is the only phase where u allowed to be that rebel, expressive, play around, and make a fast decision in uncertainty. Is it true? So, will I become impressive, pragmatist, serious, and making decision with considerations when I turn into 20 ??? Honestly, I always want to be the rebel, expressive, and hilarious one. What will happen then on my way to be 20 years old girl? Let’s figure it…

Day 1
Its raining on the street. Me and my Editor in Chief needed shelter to be saved from the wetness. We’ve just got back from Sanggar Anak Akar a place for keeping and maintaning street children. I saw there, a child asked the elder about religion, prophet, heaven, and hell. What an innocent child u are… (how about u adult?). Then lunch in Tifa foundation office, actually I almost bewildered by the lunch conversation, its quite distinctive. They talked about public policy, politics, and others. Thanks for them I got a knowledge lunch too. My day end up with my daily reading, Erich Fromm “What kind of men, then, does our society need? What is the ‘social character’ suited to 20th century Capitalism? It needs men who co-operate smoothly in large groups ;who want to consume more and more, and those whose taste are standardized and can be easily influenced and anticipated” Hopefully, I’m not one of them.

Day 2
According to plan, me and my dimdim would go around Jakarta to meet several people for business sake. He (dimdim) seemed not in a good condition since 2 days ago affected by his side job deadline. I didn’t allow him to be that way actually. But there’s something that have to be finished. The nightmare came when he picked me up, he looked so pale and powerless. I couldn’t stand to see him like this and I went to nearest drugstore to buy medicine. He’s getting worse and I knew, I should call his family to get him. Thank God, his brother came and took us to his home. I hated him for resisting my offer to meet the doctor. I knew he need doctor so bad, but he insisted not to. I respected his decision and decide to stay, take care of him by my self. I wanted to be on his side…
While I was guarding him, I read a book, conversation with Pramoedya A. Toer. It was really a good book, burn my spirit. Pram has left us, but not his messages with the total revolution spirit. He said “Saya rasa, Indonesia sudah tidak bisa tertolong lagi, kecuali dengan melakukan perubahan yang radikal. Dan ini harus dipimpin oleh angkatan muda. Jangan banyak bicara, harus langsung bertindak!”

Day 3
Today I accompanied my dimdim. His body still remained suffer but already recovered. All day long we read funny illustration book by benny & mice which was so sociologically witty & silly. Took a rest and emptied the brain… Wondered tomorrow activity. Already hate the pattern, bored, blanked, numbed, fucked!

Day 4
Woke up in the morning, so lazy… Communication ethic lesson, like usual not interested. Gathered with my task group talked about tomorrow presentation. Deadline always pissed me off.

Day 5

I had chanced to watch the most sensational movie more than the box office one. Fitna this movie called and its name exactly reflected its content. Its provocative, political purposed, and having no direction at all. But religion is one of the most sensitive issues. Only one question in my mind. What do they search for anyway?

Day 6
Hectic… full class attendance. But I was having precious class with Prima Rusdi on my copywriting class. I had to fight for my group thesis. Got to find my lecture soon. Caught the train, finally I got it. Silly things that I always do on the train are starred to everyone near me, observed what’s going on here, and sleep for a while. I had successful dinner with dimdim, I dreamed on pasta then I eat pizza and garlic bread. Yummyy……it seems so rainy hard everyday. Luckily I will start my class at afternoon tomorrow, so I can have sleep more… hip hip hooray!

Day 7
Washed and Ironed clothes, watched oprah, showered my hair. I always love Thursday. Everything goes slowly and easy. Just no rush, follow the rhythm, no hurry at all. But I had to attend editorial meeting at the office. Brainstorming for upcoming edition, stuck but then relieved. Finally, Friday tomorrow…Please no college homework, I’ already fed up!!hahahaha….

Day 8 “Important day”
Why this day became necessary? First thing, umm… My not-quiet-new Cell phone was almost lost at campus. Almost? How come?Ok…explanation: I drowned in my cyber world diving moment through Hotspot UI speedy wi-fi. I guessed I was drowning too deep in my Powerbook screen so that I couldn’t realize, I have a black Sony Erricsson Phone. Yup, when my friend came to me, I recognized my cell phone, which I bought with my own money for half, had successfully vanished into nowhere. I kept searching but it turned to zero. I was kinda panicked a lot for 15 first minutes. Then I could think about it slowly and just pass this moment. It mentioned as ‘almost lost’ because after 1 hour its lost, someone called Mas Iwan from Fisip D3 administration had found my beloved cell phone and he ringed my Dimdim. So say thanks to my Mas Iwan (for finding my precious one), Dimdim (for being patient with my temper), and God (For giving chances to keep the cell phone well next time). Second events, I was having adventure with my friend Inal. We had to meet a guest lecture at Kedoya and there were no idea at all in our heads about how to get there. I convinced Inal that Jakarta is a kind of tropical forest, which is so adventurous and challenging to be conquered. Followed with ‘asking street’ method we could reach at the location successfully and it proved my statement, we could conquered the-long-long-trip to get there. We’re now ready to be compared with Dora the Explorer!

Day 9
Saturday Night always impressed me. The night always let me to try any kind of place, food, movie, anything! Tonight I surveyed a place for my upcoming project and it’s located at the Ancol sea shore. I think It’s a happening place in Jakarta nowadays. It’s Segarra, a dining at the edge of the Ancol Beach. They offer expensive supper and it became torturing for your skin since you had to battle with mosquitos. They pricked my feet a lot. Huh! It’s true a fine dining surrounded by tropical beach, packaged with tropical insect (mosquitos).

Day 10
Today is Sunday. Time to set my room again and do my college homework. Luckily, I’ve spare time at evening and like usual, I spent it with Dimdim. We went to cinema, watched French Movie festival “La Vie en Artiste”. Comedy movie with heart touching message. We ended by licking gelato mascarpone and choco caramel. Yummy…


always ratna mengatakan...

Awesome days! teruslah menjalankan peran dgn sebaik-baiknya :-)

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