Kamis, 01 November 2012

There is only one sun

This is a short movie by Wong Kar Wai.
 A tragic story with enchanted visual. 
WKW did it like his movie 2046. 

 There’s only one sun - but it travels the world everyday.
This sun is all mine and I won’t ever give it away.

I will share not an hour of warmth, not a beam of its light!
I’ll let cities perish in the constant, unchangeable night!

I will hold it up with my hands, till it ceases to turn!
I don’t care if my hands, lips and heart must get burned!

Let it vanish in darkness and rushing, I’ll follow its way…
My darling, my sunlight! I won’t ever give you away!

Maria Tsvetaeva
February, 1919


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