Minggu, 18 April 2010

Let's Quit

Have you ever feel that tedious?

Yeah, I mean that kind of circumstance, a dull one.
The moment when you're waking up from your pointless sleep, you find your brain has drained.
You don't have any idea what you're supposed to be and do today, yet you still get countless appointments and responsibilities.

You overwhelm all possible opportunities.
There is a zero state for your mind to figure it out somehow.
It's as simply as do-nothing-day.
Because it's too much.
And there's no such a thing called 'undo' in your life.
You should keep going though you refuse to push the play menu.
I prefer to escape.

By watching Jared Hess' stupid-brainy-sci-fi-wannabe titled "Gentlemen Broncos"

Listening Charlotte Gainsbourg' latest bomb (assembled with my favorite Beck)

And appreciating hyperreality version of Richard Wright's untitled wall painting for turner prize exhibition.

We all miss an escape, don't we?


nininditya mengatakan...

tadi malem aye nongton tu pilem ngakak2. i prefer to live on that other side of the world, on writings, movies, music. wish life could be simpler.

afra mengatakan...

Iya nin? lo nonton juga? emang goblok banget tuh film....hehehe Me too ninin... kapan2 kita bisa bikin film nih kayanya..hahhaha

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