Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

Year End Mixtapes

There are so many great album this year. We might be so thrill with old time favorite bands which back on track in 2009 such as Placebo, Manic street, weezer, sonic youth, and so on. But there are more super cool debut albums from new bands. I love my itunes playlist this year. Among bunch of records,  this is some bands that i highly recommend to end your joy and sorrow, luck and shits throughout year 2009. While we pursue our pointess goal or resolutions, we will listen to the rhythm of life and stick to the beat. Here we go...

1. The Rosebuds - Life Like

 Because life is like distortion

2. The Temper trap - conditions

Glad to hear that its vocalist comes from Indonesia, His voice is magic.

3. A sunny day in Glasgow - Ashes Grammar

I thought cocteau twins are dead, but here the new generation of cocteau, yeah!

4. Noah and the Whale - The first day of spring

I give you three words to describe them: Honest, Lovely, and Simple

5. OST 500 Days of Summer

The soundtrack is as post modern love as its movie.

6. OST New Moon (Twilight saga) 

You may loathe the movie but you will applaud its soundtrack

7.The Duke Spirit - The Duke Spirit

What if My bloody Valentine hanging out with The Pixies?

8. Pomegranates - Everybody comes outside

Use your Boss Effect DD6 to compare its delay plus speed-up the drums

9. Papercuts - You can have what you want

It's not just another acoustic band, it is not really...

10. Brakes - Touchdown

I can't help with the beat and raw guitar....


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