Rabu, 22 Juli 2009

Ode to Runaway

What does make you smile while you are looking forward?

"I've been thinking about you", you said simply.

Why do so, if I'm already beside you?

"I've just been guessing what's inside your mind maps", you answered.

Then please forgive me, I never intend to disturb your "redundant" thoughts.

We should not argue about those fake plastic trees.

Let me seal your lips with intriguing maneuver.

Leave behind the unrealistic reality.

Postpone all fear of contemporary civilization.

Slow down and swallow this lover's spit.

Don't bully your own faith.

"Why should fall on nihilism?", you asked

"Should we put our trust into one thing?, I replied.

"Just trust me that true love waits", you stated certainly

"I hope it will worth the wait then..."

* This lyrical poem was inspired by those six deadly love songs 


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